Nottingham Forest F.C.

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Nottingham Forest F.C.
Fou name Nottingham Forest Football Club
Foondit 1865; 153 years ago (1865)[1]
Grund City Ground
(capacity: 30,445)
Awner The Al Hasawi faimily
Chairman Fawaz Al-Hasawi
Manager Paul Williams (interim)
League The Championship
2014–15 The Championship, 14t
Wabsteid Club hame page
Home colours
Away colours
Current season

Nottingham Forest Fitbaa Club is an Inglis professional fitbaw club based in Wast Bridgford. Foondit in 1865, Forest became foonder members o the Fitbaa Alliance in 1888 an their first major success came when they wan the FA Cup in 1898. They spent much o the first half o the 20t century playing in the Seicont Division an their next major trophy came when they again wan the FA Cup in 1959. Their maist successful period came under the management o Brian Clough, between 1975 an 1993, during which time they wan the Inglish league championship, twa consecutive European Cups an fower League Cups. They played in the first season o the newly formed Premier League in 1992 an hae subsequently suffered a nummer o promotions an relegations atween the top three diveesions o Inglis fitbaw.