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FA Cup

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FA Cup
Nummer o teams737 (2013–14)
Current championsArsenal (11t title)
Maist successfu club(s)Arsenal
Manchester United
(11 titles)
Televeesion braidcastersITV
BT Sport
WabsteidFA Cup
2014–15 FA Cup

The Football Association Challenge Cup, commonly kent as the FA Cup, is a annual knockoot cup competeetion in Inglis fitbaw an is the auldest association fitbaw competition in the world.[1] The FA Cup is organisit bi an namit efter the Football Association, its current sponsored name is the FA Cup with Budweiser.[2] A weemen's toornament is held an aw, kent as the FA Women's Cup.

The FA Cup wis first held in 1871–72. Entry is open to aw teams who compete in the Premier League, the Football League an in Steps 1 tae 5 o the FA National League System, as well as selectit teams in Step 6.[3] This means that clubs o aw staundarts compete, frae the lairgest clubs in Ingland and Wales down to amateur village teams. The tournament haes become kent for the possibility for "minnows" frae the lawer diveesions tae become "giant-killers" bi eliminatin tap clubs frae the toornament an even theoretically winnin the Cup, awtho lawer diveesion teams rarely progress ayont the early stages. The qualification roonds an a seestem o byes mean that the vera smawest an vera biggest teams amaist niver meet.

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