City Ground

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City Ground
Nottingham MMB 15 City Ground.jpg
Full name City Ground
Location City Ground, Nottingham NG2 5FJ
Coordinates 52°56′24″N 1°7′58″W / 52.94000°N 1.13278°W / 52.94000; -1.13278Coordinates: 52°56′24″N 1°7′58″W / 52.94000°N 1.13278°W / 52.94000; -1.13278
Awner Nottingham Forest
Capacity 30,576[1]
Field size 115 x 78 yards (105.2 x 71.3 metres)
Surface Grass (unnergrund heatin)
Scorebuird Yes
Biggit 1898
Appent 1898
Nottingham Forest Football Club (1898–present)

The City Ground is a fitbaw stadium in the West Bridgford aurie o Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Ingland, on the banks of the River Trent. It haes been hame tae Nottingham Forest Football Club syne 1898, an haes a aw-seatit capacity o 30,576.

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