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2013–14 UEFA Champions League

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2013–14 UEFA Champions League
The Estádio da Luz hostit the feenal.
Tournament details
Dates2 July – 28 August 2013 (qualifying)
17 September 2013 – 24 May 2014 (competition proper)
Teams32 (group stage)
76 (total) (from 52 associations)
Final positions
ChampionsSpain Real Madrid (10t title)
Runners-upSpain Atlético Madrid
Tournament statistics
Matches played125
Goals scored362 (2.9 per match)
Attendance5,712,646 (45,701 per match)
Tap scorer(s)Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo (17 goals)

The 2013–14 UEFA Champions League wis the 59t saison o Europe's premier club fitbaa toornament organisit bi UEFA, an the 22nt saison syne it wis renamit frae the European Champion Clubs' Cup tae the UEFA Champions League.

The 2014 UEFA Champions League Feenal wis played atween Real Madrid an Atlético Madrid at the Estádio da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal,[1] markin the fift feenal tae featur twa teams frae the same association, an the first time in toornament history that baith feenalists are frae the same ceety.[2] Real Madrid, who eliminatit the title haulders, Bayern Munich, in the semi-feenals, wan in extra time, giein thaim a record-extendin tent European Cup/Champions League title.[3]

For the first time, the clubs who qualifeed for the group stage qualifeed for the newly formit 2013–14 UEFA Youth League an aw, a competeetion available tae players agit 19 or unner.[4]


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