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Intercontinental Cup

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Intercontinental Cup
European/South American Cup
Toyota Cup
Organisin boukUEFA and CONMEBOL
Sooth Americae
Nummer o teams2
Last championsPortugal Porto
(2nt teetle)
Maist successfu club(s)Uruguay Peñarol
Uruguay Nacional
Italy Milan
Spain Real Madrid
Argentinae Boca Juniors

(3 teetles ilk)

The Intercontinental Cup, kent as European/Sooth American Cup or Toyota Cup frae 1980 tae 2004 for commercial raisons bi greement wi the automakker an aw, wis an internaitional fitbaw competeetion endorsed bi the Union o European Fitbaw Associations (UEFA) an the Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol (CONMEBOL),[1][2][3] contestit atween representative clubs frae thir confederations (representatives o maist developit continents in the fitbaw warld), uisually the winners o the UEFA Champions League an the Sooth American Copa Libertadores.

Performances[4][eedit | eedit soorce]

Match wis wan durin extra time
Match wis wan on a penalty shoot-out
# European runner-up
Saison Fitbaw association Winners Score Runners-up Fitbaw association Host
1960  ESP Real Madrid 0–0 Peñarol  URU Montevideo, Uruguay
5–1 Madrid, Spain
1961  URU Peñarol 0–1 Benfica  POR Lisbon, Portugal
5–0 Montevideo, Uruguay
2–1 Montevideo, Uruguay
1962  BRA Santos 3–2 Benfica  POR Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
5–2 Lisbon, Portugal
1963  BRA Santos 2–4 Milan  ITA Milan, Italy
4–2 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1964  ITA Internazionale 0–1 Independiente  ARG Avellaneda, Argentina
2–0 Milan, Italy
1–0 (e.e.t.) Madrid, Spain
1965  ITA Internazionale 3–0 Independiente  ARG Milan, Italy
0–0 Avellaneda, Argentina
1966  URU Peñarol 2–0 Real Madrid  ESP Montevideo, Uruguay
2–0 Madrid, Spain
1967  ARG Racing 0–1 Celtic  SCO Glasgow, Scotland
2–1 Avellaneda, Argentina
1–0 Montevideo, Uruguay
1968  ARG Estudiantes 1–0 Manchester United  ENG Buenos Aires, Argentina
1–1 Manchester, England
1969  ITA Milan 3–0 Estudiantes  ARG Milan, Italy
1–2 Buenos Aires, Argentina
1970  NED Feyenoord 2–2 Estudiantes  ARG Buenos Aires, Argentina
1–0 Rotterdam, Netherlands
1971  URU Nacional 1–1 Panathinaikos#1  GRE Piraeus, Greece
2–1  GRE Montevideo, Uruguay
1972  NED Ajax 1–1 Independiente  ARG Avellaneda, Argentina
3–0 Amsterdam, Netherlands
1973  ARG Independiente 1–0 Juventus#2  ITA Rome, Italy
Second leg was not played. Argentinae Independiente declared winner.
1974  ESP Atlético Madrid#3 0–1 Independiente  ARG Avellaneda, Argentina
2–0 Madrid, Spain
Germany Bayern Munich and Argentinae Independiente did not find compatible schedule to play.
1976  FRG Bayern Munich 2–0 Cruzeiro  BRA Munich, West Germany
0–0 Belo Horizonte, Brazil
1977  ARG Boca Juniors 2–2 Borussia Mönchengladbach#4  FRG Buenos Aires, Argentina
3–0 Karlsruhe, West Germany
Ingland Liverpool and Argentinae Boca Juniors declined to play each other.
1979  PAR Olimpia 1–0 Malmö FF#5  SWE Malmö, Sweden
2–1 Asunción, Paraguay
1980  URU Nacional 1–0 Nottingham Forest  ENG Tokyo, Japan
1981  BRA Flamengo 3–0 Liverpool
1982  URU Peñarol 2–0 Aston Villa
1983  BRA Grêmio 2–1 (e.e.t.) Hamburger SV  FRG
1984  ARG Independiente 1–0 Liverpool  ENG
1985  ITA Juventus 2–2 (e.e.t.) (4–2 p) Argentinos Juniors  ARG
1986  ARG River Plate 1–0 Steaua București  ROU
1987  POR Porto 2–1 (e.e.t.) Peñarol  URU
1988  URU Nacional 2–2 (e.e.t.) (7–6 p) PSV Eindhoven  NED
1989  ITA Milan 1–0 (e.e.t.) Atlético Nacional  COL
1990  ITA Milan 3–0 Olimpia  PAR
1991  YUG Red Star Belgrade 3–0 Colo-Colo  CHI
1992  BRA São Paulo 2–1 Barcelona  ESP
1993  BRA São Paulo 3–2 Milan#6  ITA
1994  ARG Vélez Sársfield 2–0 Milan
1995  NED Ajax 0–0 (e.e.t.) (4–3 p) Grêmio  BRA
1996  ITA Juventus 1–0 River Plate  ARG
1997  GER Borussia Dortmund 2–0 Cruzeiro  BRA
1998  ESP Real Madrid 2–1 Vasco da Gama
1999  ENG Manchester United 1–0 Palmeiras
2000  ARG Boca Juniors 2–1 Real Madrid  ESP
2001  GER Bayern Munich 1–0 (e.e.t.) Boca Juniors  ARG
2002  ESP Real Madrid 2–0 Olimpia  PAR Yokohama, Japan
2003  ARG Boca Juniors 1–1 (e.e.t.) (3–1 p) Milan  ITA
2004  POR Porto 0–0 (e.e.t.) (8–7 p) Once Caldas  COL

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