Intercontinental Cup (fitbaw)

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Intercontinental Cup
European/South American Cup
Toyota Cup
Intercontinental Cup.svg
Organisin boukUEFA and CONMEBOL
Sooth Americae
Nummer o teams2
Last championsPortugal Porto
(2nt teetle)
Maist successfu club(s)Uruguay Peñarol
Uruguay Nacional
Italy Milan
Spain Real Madrid
Argentinae Boca Juniors

(3 teetles ilk)

The Intercontinental Cup, an aw kent as European/Sooth American Cup, an aw Toyota Cup frae 1980 tae 2004 for commercial raisons bi greement wi the automakker, wis an internaitional fitbaw competeetion endorsed bi the Union o European Fitbaw Associations (UEFA) an the Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol (CONMEBOL),[1][2][3] contestit atween representative clubs frae thir confederations (representatives o maist developit continents in the fitbaw warld), uisually the winners o the UEFA Champions League an the Sooth American Copa Libertadores.

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