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Manchester ("Mahnchestur") is a ceety an metropolitan borough o Greater Manchester, in nor-wast Ingland. Mair nor 452,000 fowk bide in the ceety, but 2,240,230 bides in the surroondin area.

The ceety haes a lang history, datin back tae the Roman era.

The rowth o cotton in Great Breetain led tae Manchester becomin an industrial ceety. The Manchester Ship Canal alloued ships tae muive faurther up tae the ceety in the 18t century. Cotton factories an textile mills becam employers o monie fowk in Manchester an the local airt.

Manchester's main sport is nae dout fitbaw as the ceety is hame tae Ingland's twa maist muckle fitbaw teams Manchester United an Manchester Ceety. United play thair hame gemmes at Auld Trafford in Greater Manchester, the maist muckle fitbaw stadium in the Unitit Kinrick. They war the maist succesfu Inglis fitbaw team syne the beginin o the Inglis Premiership. Syne the Premiership began they hiv wan the 8 League teetles.

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Coordinates: 53°28′N 2°14′W / 53.467°N 2.233°W / 53.467; -2.233