Copa Libertadores

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Copa CONMEBOL Libertadores
RegionSooth Americae (CONMEBOL) an Mexico
Nummer o teams38
Current championsSan Lorenzo (1st title)
Maist successfu club(s)Independiente (7 titles)
Televeesion braidcastersLeet o broadcasters
WabsteidOffeecial wabsteid
2014 Copa Libertadores

The Copa Libertadores (Portuguese: Taça Libertadores) is a annual internaitional club fitbaw competeetion organisit bi CONMEBOL syne 1960. It is ane o the maist prestigious toornaments in the warld an the maist prestigious club competeetion in Sooth American fitbaw. The toornament is namit in honour o the Libertadores (Spaingie an Portuguese for leeberators), the main leaders o the Sooth American wars o unthirldom,[1] so a leeteral translation o its name intae Scots wad be "Leeberators o Americas Cup".

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