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Sooth American Fitbaa Confederation
Formation9 Julie 1916; 108 years ago (1916-07-09)
TeepFederation o naitional associations
HeidquartersLuque, Paraguay
Coordinates25°15′38″S 57°30′58″W / 25.26056°S 57.51611°W / -25.26056; -57.51611
Region served
Sooth Americae
10 member associations
Offeecial leid
Spainyie, Portuguese
Secretar General
Jose Luis Meiszner
Juan Ángel Napout

The Sooth American Fitbaw Confederation (Spaingie: Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol,[1] Portuguese: Confederação Sul-Americana de Futebol[2]), commonly kent as CONMEBOL[3] /kɒnməbɒl/, is the continental govrenin bouk o association fitbaa in Sooth Americae an it is ane o FIFA's sax continental confederations. The auldest continental confederation in the warld, its heidquairters are locatit in Luque, Paraguay. CONMEBOL is responsible for the organisation an govrenance o Sooth American fitbaa's major internaitional tournaments. Wi 10 member fitbaa associations, it haes the fewest members o aw the confederations in FIFA.

CONMEBOL naitional teams hae wan nine FIFA Warld Cups (Brazil five, Argentinae an Uruguay twa trophies each), an CONMEBOL clubs hae wan 22 Intercontinental Cups an fower FIFA Club Warld Cups. Argentinae an Uruguay hae wan twa Olympic gowd medals each. It is, alang wi UEFA, the strangest confederation in the warld.

The Warld Cup qualifiers o CONMEBOL hae been ratit as the toughest qualifiers in the warld,[4][5] for its semple seestem (roond-robin, twa roonds), entry o some o the maist laureatit naitional teams in the warld, levelin o the weaker naitional teams, climate conditions, geographic conditions, strang hame staunds an passionate supporters.

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  1. Spaingie pronunciation: [komfeðeɾaˈθjon suðameɾiˈkana ðe ˈfuðβol], locally: [komfeðeɾaˈsjon suðameɾiˈkana ðe ˈfutβol].
  2. Portuguese pronunciation: [kõfedeɾaˈsɐ̃w ˈsuw.ɐmeɾiˈkɐnɐ dʒi futʃʲˈbɔw].
  3. Acronym creatit frae Confederación/Confederação Sudamericana/Sul-Americana de Fútbol/Futebol.
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