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Estudiantes de La Plata

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Estudiantes de La Plata
Full nameClub Estudiantes de La Plata
Nickname(s)Los Pincharratas (The Rat Stabbers),
El León (The Lion)
Foondit4 August 1905; 118 years ago (1905-08-04)
GroundEstadio Único, La Plata
Ground Capacity53,000
ChairmanArq. Enrique Lombardi
ManagerMauricio Pellegrino
LeaguePrimera División
2013 Inicial17th
WabsteidClub wabsteid

Club Estudiantes de La Plata (Spaingie pronunciation: [kluβ estuˈðjantez ðe la ˈplata]), simply referred tae as Estudiantes [estuˈðjantes], is an Argentine professional sports club based in La Plata. The club's fitbaw team currently competes in the Primera División, whaur it haes spent maist o its history.

The club is amangst the maist successfu teams in Argentinae. In 1967, Estudiantes wis the first team ootside o the tradeetional "big five" tae win a profeesional league title. Syne then, the squad haes wan fower mair league titles tae bring the tot tae five. It haes haed even greater internaitional success, haein wan sax internaitional titles. Estudiantes' internaitional silverware consists o fower Copa Libertadores (includin three straicht frae 1968–70), an Intercontinental Cup, an a Interamerican Cup.

The club wis foondit in 1905 when a group o players an fans decidit tae break awa frae Gimnasia de La Plata, which favored indoor sports ower fitbaw. Matches atween the twa clubs are kent as the Clásico Platense.

Ither sports whaur Estudiantes competes are basketbaw, team handbaw, field hockey, gowf, soummin, judo, an volleybaw.

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