Villarreal CF

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Full nameVillarreal Club de Fútbol S.A.D.
Nickname(s)El Submarino Amarillo
(The Yellae Submarine)
Foondit10 Mairch 1923; 101 years ago (1923-03-10)
GroundEl Madrigal
Valencian Community
Ground Capacity24,890
ChairmanFernando Roig Alfonso
Heid CoachQuique Setién
LeagueLa Liga
2022–23La Liga, 5t o 20
WabsteidClub wabsteid

Villarreal Club de Fútbol, S.A.D. (Valencian: Vila-real Club de Futbol, S.A.D.), uisually abbreviatit tae Villarreal CF or just Villarreal, is a Spaingie fitbaw club based in Vila-real, a ceety in the province o Castellón athin the Valencie Commonty. Foondit in 1923, it plays in La Liga, hauldin hame gemmes at El Madrigal, wi a capacity for 24,890 spectators.[1]

The club is elk-namit El Submarí Groguet or El Submarino Amarillo (Yellae Submarine) due tae its yellae hame kit, an due tae bein a law-profile team compared tae Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, an Valencia CF, whom they hae challengit for trophies ower the last decade. Villarreal haes aften been toutit as a example o smaw but successful club.[2]

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