Segunda División B

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Segunda División B
Kintra Spain
Foondit1928-29 (ane saison alane)
1977 (onwairds)
Nummer o teams4 groups o 20 teams each (80)
Level on pyramid3
Promotion taeSegunda División
Relegation taeTercera División
Domestic cup(s)Copa del Rey
Copa Federación
Current championsAlbacete
TV partnersETB 1, laOtra, tvG2, Fútbol Asturiano
IB3, Marca TV, TV Melilla
Real Madrid TV, SFC TV
WabsteidOffeecial wabsteid
2014–15 season

Segunda División B is the third level o the Spaingie fitbaw league seestem. It is admeenistered bi the RFEF. It is belaw the tap twa levels o the league, the Primera División (kent as La Liga an aw) an the Segunda División, an abuin the Tercera División. The Segunda División B includes the reserve teams o several La Liga an Segunda División teams.

Groups[eedit | eedit soorce]

Belaw are leetit the member clubs o the Segunda División B for the 2018–19 Segunda División B saison.

Group I Group II Group III Group IV

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