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FC Barcelona B

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Barcelona B
Full nameFutbol Club Barcelona "B"
Nickname(s)Barça B
GroundMini Estadi, Barcelona,
Catalonie, Spain
Ground Capacity15,276
ChairmanJosep Maria Bartomeu
CoachXavi García Pimienta
LeagueSegunda División
2017–1820t (relegatit)
Current saison

Futbol Club Barcelona "B" is a Spaingie fitbaw team based in Barcelona, in the autonomous commonty o Catalonie. Foondit in 1970 as FC Barcelona Atlètic it is the reserve team o FC Barcelona, an currently plays in Segunda División, hauldin hame matches at Mini Estadi.

Reserve teams in Spain play in the same league seestem as the senior team, rather than in a reserve team league. They must play at least ane level belaw their main side, housomeivver, so Barcelona B is ineligible for promotion tae La Liga an canna play in the Copa del Rey.

Saison tae saison

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Saison Diveesion Place
1970–71 4t
1971–72 19t
1972–73 Regional 1st
1973–74 1st
1974–75 10t
1975–76 6t
1976–77 20t
1977–78 2ªB 5t
1978–79 2ªB 4t
1979–80 2ªB 14t
1980–81 2ªB 3rd
1981–82 2ªB 1st
1982–83 11t
1983–84 7t
1984–85 9t
1985–86 13t
1986–87 13t
1987–88 8t
1988–89 17t
1989–90 2ªB 2nt
1990–91 2ªB 1st
1991–92 6t
Saison Diveesion Place
1992–93 8t
1993–94 8t
1994–95 6t
1995–96 14t
1996–97 19t
1997–98 2ªB 1st
1998–99 20t
1999–00 2ªB 11t
2000–01 2ªB 9t
2001–02 2ªB 1st
2002–03 2ªB 2nt
2003–04 2ªB 8t
2004–05 2ªB 11t
2005–06 2ªB 6t
2006–07 2ªB 19t
2007–08 1st
2008–09 2ªB 5t
2009–10 2ªB 2nt
2010–11 3rd
2011–12 8t
2012–13 9t
2013–14 3rd
Season Division Place
2014–15 -


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