Camp Nou

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Camp Nou
Camp Nou aerial (cropped).jpg
Full name L'Estadi Camp Nou
Umwhile names Estadio del FC Barcelona (1957–2000)
Location Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Coordinates 41°22′51″N 2°07′22″E / 41.38087°N 2.122802°E / 41.38087; 2.122802
Biggit 1954–1957
Opened 24 September 1957[1]
Renovatit 1995, 2008
Expandit 1982
Ainer FC Barcelona
Operator FC Barcelona
Surface Grass
Scorebuird Yes
Airchitect Silda VIP
Josep Soteras
Project manager Jonathan Ackroyd
Capacity 93,053 (1957–1980)
121,749 (1980–1993)
115,000 (1993–1999)
98,772 (2005–2010)
99,354 (2010–2012)
Executive suites 23
Field size 106 × 70 m (116 × 77 yd)[1]
FC Barcelona (1957–present)
1992 Simmer Olympics
Catalonie naitional fitbaa team

Camp Nou (Catalan pronunciation: [kamˈnɔw], New Field, aften referred tae in Inglis as The Nou Camp[2][3]) is a fitbaa stadium in Barcelona, Catalonie, Spain, that haes been the hame o Futbol Club Barcelona syne 1957.

The Camp Nou seats 99,786,[4] reduced tae 96,336 in matches organized bi UEFA,[5] makin it the lairgest stadium in Europe an the 11t lairgest in the warld in terms o capacity. It haes hostit numerous internaitional matches at a senior level, includin twa UEFA Champions League finals an the fitbaa competition at the 1992 Simmer Olympics.

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