Camp Nou

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Camp Nou
Camp Nou aerial (cropped).jpg
Full name L'Estadi Camp Nou
Umwhile names Estadio del FC Barcelona (1957–2000)
Location Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Coordinates 41°22′51″N 2°07′22″E / 41.38087°N 2.122802°E / 41.38087; 2.122802
Awner FC Barcelona
Operator FC Barcelona
Executive suites 23
Capacity 93,053 (1957–1980)
121,749 (1980–1993)
115,000 (1993–1999)
98,772 (2005–2010)
99,354 (2010–2012)
Field size 106 m × 70 m (116 yd × 77 yd)[1]
Surface Grass
Scorebuird Yes
Biggit 1954–1957
Appent 24 September 1957[1]
Renovatit 1995, 2008
Expandit 1982
Airchitect Silda VIP
Josep Soteras
Project manager Jonathan Ackroyd
FC Barcelona (1957–present)
1992 Simmer Olympics
Catalonie naitional fitbaw team

Camp Nou (Catalan pronunciation: [kamˈnɔw], New Field, aften referred tae in Inglis as The Nou Camp[2][3]) is a fitbaw stadium in Barcelona, Catalonie, Spain, that haes been the hame o Futbol Club Barcelona syne 1957.

The Camp Nou seats 99,786,[4] reduced tae 96,336 in matches organized bi UEFA,[5] makin it the lairgest stadium in Europe an the 11t lairgest in the warld in terms o capacity. It haes hostit numerous internaitional matches at a senior level, includin twa UEFA Champions League finals an the fitbaw competition at the 1992 Simmer Olympics.

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