1992 Simmer Olympics

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XVI Olympic Winter Gemmes
Host ceetyAlbertville, Fraunce
MottoAmigos Para Siempre (Spainyie)
Amics Per Sempre (Catalan)
(Friends Forever)
Naitions pairteecipatin169
Athletes pairteecipatin9,356 (6,652 men, 2,704 weemen)
Events57 in 6 sports (12 disciplines)
Appenin ceremonyJulie 25
Closin ceremony23 Februar
Offeecially appened biKeeng Juan Carlos I
Athlete's OathLuis Doreste Blanco
Judge's OathEugeni Asensio
Olympic TorchAntonio Rebollo (paralympic archer)
StadiumEstadi Olímpic Lluís Companys

The 1992 Simmer Olympic Gemmes, offeecially kent as the Gemmes o the XXV Olympiad, wur an internaitional multi-sport event celebratit in Barcelona, Catalonie, Spain, in 1992. The Internaitional Olympic Committee votit in 1986 tae separate the Simmer an Winter Gemmes, which haed been held in the same year syne 1924, an place them in alternatin even-nummered years, beginnin in 1994. The 1992 Summer Gemmes wur the last tae be staged in the same year as the Winter Gemmes.[1] Due tae the end o the Cauld War, these gemmes wur the first wioot boycotts syne 1972.[2] In fact the Olympics wis the final success o the umwhile Soviet Union (despite anly pairt o it takin pairt), an biggest o the "Olympic flag" (Naitions frae the umwhile USSR competit as the Unified Team, comin 1st in the oweraw rankins).[3]

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