2014 Winter Olympics

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XXII Olympic Winter Gemmes
Host ceetySochi, Roushie
Motto"Hot. Cool. Yours."[1]
(Roushie: Жаркие. Зимние. Твои.)
Naitions pairteecipatin88
Athletes pairteecipatin2,800+ (estimatit)
Events98 in 7 sports (15 disciplines)
Closin ceremony23 Februar
Offeecially appened biVladimir Putin
Athlete's OathRuslan Zakharov[2]
Judge's OathVyacheslav Vedenin
Coach's OathAnastasia Popkova [2]
Olympic TorchVladislav Tretiak
Irina Rodnina

The 2014 Winter Olympics, offeecially the XXII Olympic Winter Gemmes, or the 22nt Winter Olympics, was celebratit frae 7 tae 23 Februar 2014, in Sochi,[3] Roushie, wi some events held in the resort toun o Krasnaya Polyana. Ninety-aicht events in fifteen winter sports were held. Baith the Olympic an Paralympic Gemmes are bein organized bi the Sochi Organizing Committee (SOC).

Events[eedit | eedit soorce]

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