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2018 Winter Olympics

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XXIII Olympic Winter Gemmes
Host ceetyPyeongchang, Sooth Korea
MottoPassion. Connectit.
Korean: 하나된 열정. (Hanadoen Yeoljeong)
Naitions pairteecipatin92
Athletes pairteecipatin2,920
Events102 in 15 sports
Closin ceremony25 Februar
Offeecially appened biPreses Moon Jae-in
Athlete's OathMo Tae-bum[1]
Olympic TorchYuna Kim[2]
Sochi 2014 Beijing 2022  >
Rio 2016 Tokyo 2020  >

The 2018 Winter Olympics, offeecially kent as the XXIII Olympic Winter Gemmes, wis a winter multi-sport event that teuk place in Pyeongchang, Sooth Korea, atween 9 an 25 Februar 2018. The electit host ceety wis annoonced on 6 Julie 2011 bi the Internaitional Olympic Committee (IOC), efter the 123rd IOC Session in Durban, Sooth Africae. Ither candidates that applied tae host the gemmes wur Annecy, Fraunce an Munich, Germany.

Pyeongchang wan on its third consecutive bid, havin lost previously tae Vancouver, Canadae an Sochi, Roushie. It wis the first Winter Olympic Gemmes an seicont Olympic Gemmes in Sooth Korea; the 1988 Simmer Olympics wur held in Seoul.

The 2018 Winter Olympics featurt 102 events in 15 sports,[3] makkin it the first Winter Olympics tae surpass 100 medal events. Nummers in parentheses indicate the nummer o medal events contestit in ilk sports.

Pairteecipatin NOCs

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Pairteecipatin Naitional Olympic Committees[4][5][6][7][8][9]
NOCs that pairteecipatit in 2014, but are nae in 2018. NOCs that are pairteecipatin in 2018, but did nae in 2014.

Nummer o athletes bi Naitional Olympic Committees (bi heichest tae lawest)

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  1. a A unifee'd Korean team conseestin o players frae baith North Korea an Sooth Korea is competin in the weemen's ice hockey toornament follaein talks in Panmunjom on 17 Januar 2018. O the 35 players on the team, 12 are frae North Korea an 23 are frae Sooth Korea.[10]
  2. b Roushie hostit the 2014 Winter Olympics, but follaein the dopin controversy the Roushie Olympic Committee wis suspendit wi an option for Roushie athletes tae pairteecipate as Olympic Athletes frae Roushie (OAR) if cleared bi the IOC commission.


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