1980 Winter Olympics

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XIII Olympic Winter Gemmes
1980 Winter Olympics logo.svg
Host ceety Lake Placid, New York, Unitit States
Naitions pairteecipatin 37
Athletes pairteecipatin 1,072
(840 men, 232 weemen)
Events 38 in 6 sports (10 disciplines)
Appenin ceremony 19 Julie
Closin ceremony Februar 23
Offeecially appened bi Vice Preses Walter Mondale
Athlete's Oath Eric Heiden
Judge's Oath Terry McDermott
Olympic Torch Charles Gugino
Stadium Grand Arena of the Central Lenin Stadium

The 1980 Winter Olympics, offeecially kent as the XIII Olympic Winter Gemmes (French: Les XIIIes Jeux olympiques d'hiver), wis a multi-sport event which wis celebratit frae Februar 14, throu Februar 24, 1980 in Lake Placid, New York, Unitit States o Americae.