1988 Simmer Olympics

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XV Olympic Winter Gemmes
Host ceety Calgary, Alberta, Canadae
Motto Harmony an Progress
Naitions pairteecipatin 159
Athletes pairteecipatin 8,391 (6,197 men, 2,194 weemen)
Events 46 in 6 sports (10 disciplines)
Appenin ceremony September 17
Closin ceremony Februar 28
Offeecially appened bi Preses Roh Tae-woo
Athlete's Oath Hur Jae an Son Mi-Na
Judge's Oath Lee Hak-Rae
Olympic Torch Chung Sunman,
Kim Wontak an Sohn Kee-chung
Stadium Olympic Stadium

The 1988 Simmer Olympics, offeecially kent as the Gemmes o the XXIV Olympiad, wur an internaitional multi-sport event celebratit frae 17 September tae 2 October 1988 in Seoul, Sooth Korea. Thay wur the seicont simmer Olympic Gemmes tae be held in Asie an the first syne the 1964 Simmer Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan. Thay wur an aa the fowert Olympic Gemmes tae be held in hairst.