1996 Simmer Olympics

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Gemmes o the XXVI Olympiad
Host ceety Atlanta, Georgie, Unitit States
Motto The Celebration o the Century
Naitions pairteecipatin 197
Athletes pairteecipatin 10,320
(6,797 men, 3,523 weemen)
Events 271 in 26 sports
Appenin ceremony Julie 19
Closin ceremony August 4
Offeecially appened bi Preses Bill Clinton
Athlete's Oath Teresa Edwards
Judge's Oath Hobie Billingsley
Olympic Torch Muhammad Ali
Stadium Centennial Olympic Stadium

The 1996 Simmer Olympics, kent offeecially as the Gemmes o the XXVI Olympiad an unoffeecially as the Centennial Olympics, wis a major internaitional multi-sport event that teuk place in Atlanta, Georgie, Unitit States, frae Julie 19 tae August 4, 1996. A record 197 naitions, aw current IOC member naitions, teuk pairt in the Gemmes, comprisin 10,318 athletes. The Internaitional Olympic Committee votit ein 1986 tae separate the Simmer an Winter Gemmes, which haed been held in the same year syne 1924, an place them in alternatin even-nummered years, beginnin in 1994. The 1996 Simmer Gemmes wur the first tae be staged in a different year frae the Winter Gemmes. Atlanta acame the fift American ceety tae host the Olympic Gemmes an the third tae hauld a Simmer Olympic Gemmes.