1984 Simmer Olympics

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XIV Olympic Winter Gemmes
Host ceety Sarajevo, Yugoslavie
Nations pairteecipatin 140
Athletes pairteecipatin 6,829
(5,263 men, 1,566 weemen)[1]
Events 221 in 21 sports
Openin ceremony Julie 28
Closin ceremony August 12
Offeecially opened bi Preses Ronald Reagan
Athlete's Oath Edwin Moses (athlete)
Judge's Oath Sharon Heber
Olympic Torch Rafer Johnson (decathlete)
Stadium Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The 1984 Simmer Olympics, offeecially kent as the Gemmes o the XXIII Olympiad, wis an internaitional multi-sport event held in Los Angeles, Californie, Unitit States in 1984. When Tehran, the anly ither interestit ceety on the internaitional level, declined tae bid due tae the concurrent Iranian poleetical an social chynges the IOC awairdit Los Angeles the Gemmes bi default. This wis the seicont occasion Los Angeles hostit the gemmes; it previously hostit in 1932.

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