2016 Simmer Olympics

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Olympic Winter Gemmes
2016 Summer Olympics logo.svg
Host ceety Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Motto Live your passion
(Portuguese: Viva sua paixão)
Nations pairteecipatin 185 qualified (206 expectit)
Athletes pairteecipatin 7,926 confirmed (mair nor 10,500 expectit)
Events 306 in 28 sports
Openin ceremony August 5
Closin ceremony August 21
Stadium Maracanã Stadium

The 2016 Simmer Olympics (Portuguese: Jogos Olímpicos de Verão de 2016), offeecially kent as the Gemmes o the XXXI Olympiad (Jogos da XXXI Olimpíada), is a major internaitional multi-sport event due tae be celebratit in the tradeetion o the Olympic Gemmes, as govrened bi the Internaitional Olympic Committee (IOC). The host ceety o the Gemmes will be Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, annoonced at the 121st IOC Session held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on October 2, 2009. Thay are scheduled tae be held frae August 5 tae 21, 2016, makin these the seicont Simmer Olympics tae be held during the host ceety's winter ( the first wis the Sydney 2000 Olympics, whose first week wis held durin the Soothren Hemisphere's winter).[n 1] Thare will be 35 competition venues mainly in Barra da Tijuca, but an aa in three ither zones: Copacabana, Deodoro, an Maracanã. It will mark the first time a Sooth American ceety hosts the event, the third tae host in the Soothren Hemisphere (an the first time in a Soothren Hemisphere kintra ither than Australie), an an aa the first time a Portuguese speakin kintra hosts the event.[1] These will be the first Simmer Olympic Gemmes syne the Sydney 2000 Olympics nae tae be held in the host naition's caipital ceety.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Melbourne Simmer Olympics wis held frae 22 November tae 8 December 1956

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