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Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima

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Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima

Medal record
Representin  Brazil
Men's athletics
Olympic Gemmes
Bronze medal – third place 2004 Athens Marathon
Pierre de Coubertin medal 2004
Pan American Gemmes
Gowd medal – first place 1999 Winnipeg Marathon
Gowd medal – first place 2003 Santo Domingo Marathon

Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima (born 4 Julie 1969 in Cruzeiro do Oeste, Paraná, Brazil) is an umwhile long-distance runner wha specialised in marathons. He received internaitional renoun efter a spectator, laicized Irish priest Neil Horan, attacked him at the 2004 Simmer Olympics marathon while he wis leadin the race at 35 km. Follaein the incident he fell back frae first tae third place, winnin the bronze medal. He wis later awairdit the Pierre de Coubertin medal for sportsmanship for that race.