1988 Winter Olympics

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XV Olympic Winter Gemmes
Host ceety Calgary, Alberta, Canadae
Motto Can You Feel It ?
Nations pairteecipatin 57
Athletes pairteecipatin 1,423 (1,122 men, 301 weemen)
Events 237 in 23 sports
Openin ceremony September 17
Closin ceremony October 2
Offeecially opened bi Govrenor General Jeanne Sauvé
Athlete's Oath Pierre Harvey
Judge's Oath Suzanna Morrow-Francis
Olympic Torch Robyn Perry
Stadium Olympic Stadium

The 1988 Winter Olympics, offeecially kent as the XV Olympic Winter Gemmes, wis a multi-sport event celebratit in and aroond Calgary, Alberta, Canadae atween Februar 13 an 28, 1988. The host ceety wis selectit in 1981, defeatin Falun, Swaden an Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. Maist events took place in Calgary while several skiin events wur held in the muntain resorts o Nakiska an Canmore, wast o the ceety.