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Sochi (Scots)
Сочи (Roushie)
-  Ceety[1]  -
View o Sochi
Map of Russia - Krasnodar Krai (2008-03).svg
Location o Krasnodar Krai in Roushie
Sochi is located in Krasnodar Krai
Location of Sochi in Krasnodar Krai
Coordinates: 43°35′07″N 39°43′13″E / 43.58528°N 39.72028°E / 43.58528; 39.72028Coordinates: 43°35′07″N 39°43′13″E / 43.58528°N 39.72028°E / 43.58528; 39.72028
Coat of Arms of Sochi (Krasnodar krai).svg
Flag of Sochi (Krasnodar krai).svg
Coat o airms
Admeenistrative status (as o May 2013)
Kintra Roushie
Federal subject Krasnodar Krai
Admineestratively subordinated tae Ceety o Sochi[1]
Admeenistrative centre o Ceety o Sochi[1]
Municipal status (as o June 2009)
Urban okrug Sochi Urban Okrug[2]
Admeenistrative centre o Sochi Urban Okrug[2]
Head[3] Anatoly Pakhomov[3]
Representative body Ceety Assembly[citation needit]
Aurie (ceety) (January 2008) 176.77 km2 (68.25 sq mi)[4]
Population (2010 Census) 343,334 indwallers[5]
Rank in 2010 52nd
Density 1,942/km2 (5,030/sq mi)[6]
Time zone MSK (UTC+03:00)[7]
Foondit 1838[8][9]
Previous names Dakhovsky (until 1896)[10]
Postal code(s)[11] 354000, 354002–354004, 354008–354010, 354013, 354014, 354018, 354019, 354022, 354024, 354025, 354030, 354031, 354033, 354036, 354037, 354039, 354053–354055, 354057, 354059, 354061, 354065–354068, 354071, 354073, 354084, 354099, 354200, 354202–354214, 354216–354218, 354220, 354226, 354231, 354233, 354299, 354340, 354346, 354348, 354349, 354354, 354355, 354364, 354380, 354382, 354383, 354399, 993501
Dialin code(s) +7 8622[citation needit]
Offeecial wabsteid
Sochi on WikiCommons
Sochi is on the northeast coast o the Black Sea

Sochi (Roushie: Сочи) is a ceety in Krasnodar Krai, Roushie, situatit juist north o Roushie's border wi the de facto independent republic o Abkhazie,[notes 1] on the Black Sea coast. Greater Sochi sprawls for 145 kilometers (90 mi) alang the shores o the Black Sea near the Caucasus Mountains. Accordin tae the 2010 Census, the ceety haed a permanent population o 343,334;[5] up from 328,809 recorded in the 2002 Census,[12] makkin it Roushie's lairgest resort ceety.

Sochi will host the XXII Olympic Winter Gemmes an XI Paralympic Winter Gemmes in 2014, as well as the Roushie Formula 1 Grand Prix frae 2014 til at least 2020.[13][14] It is also ane o the host ceeties for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sochi haes been twinned wi the followin ceeties:

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Abkhazie's status is disputit. It considers itself tae be an independent state, but this is recognised bi anly a few ither kintras. The Georgie govrenment an maist o the warld's ither states consider Abkhazia de jure a pairt o Georgia's territory. In Georgie's offeecial subdiveesion it is an autonomous republic, whose govrenment sits in exile in Tbilisi.

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