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eThekwini (Zulu)
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Clockwise frae tap left: Durban CBD, Ushaka Marine Warld, Suncoast Casino an Entertainment Warld, Moses Mabhida Stadium, Inkosi Albert Luthuli Internaitional Convention Centre an Durban Ceety Haw.
Durban is located in South Africa
 Durban shown within Sooth Africae
Coordinates: 29°53′S 31°03′E / 29.883°S 31.050°E / -29.883; 31.050Coordinates: 29°53′S 31°03′E / 29.883°S 31.050°E / -29.883; 31.050
Kintra Sooth Africae
Province KwaZulu-Natal
Municipality eThekwini
Established 1880[1]
 • Ceety 225.91 km2 (87.22 sq mi)
 • Metro 2,292 km2 (885 sq mi)
Population (2011)[2]
 • Ceety 595,061
 • Density 2,600/km2 (6,800/sq mi)
 • Metro[2] 3,442,361
 • Metro density 1,500/km2 (3,900/sq mi)
Racial makeup (2011)[2]
 • Black African 51.1%
 • Coloured 8.6%
 • Indian/Asian 24.0%
 • White 15.3%
 • Other 0.9%
First leids (2011)[2]
 • Inglis 49.8%
 • Zulu 33.1%
 • Xhosa 5.9%
 • Afrikaans 3.6%
 • Other 7.6%
Postal code (street) 4001
PO box 4000
Aurie code 031
GDP US$ 48.9 billion [3]
GDP per capita US$ 12,884[3]

Durban (Zulu: eThekwini, from itheku meaning 'bay') is the lairgest ceety in the Sooth African province o KwaZulu-Natal an the third lairgest ceety in the kintra, formin pairt o the eThekwini metropolitan municipality. Durban is famous as the busiest port in Sooth Africae an is an' a' a major centre o tourism acause o the ceety's warm subtropical climate an extensive beaches. The municipality, which includes neighborin touns, haes a population o amaist 3.5 million,[4] makin the combined municipality the biggest ceety on the east coast o the African continent. The metro's land aurie o 2,292 square kilometers (884.9 sq mi) is comparatively lairger than ither Sooth African ceeties, resultin in a somewha lawer population density o 1,513 inhabitants per square kilometre (3,918.7/sq mi).[5]

Internaitional relations[eedit | eedit soorce]

Twin touns — Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Durban is twinned wi:[6]

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