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Pro rege et lege
(Laitin: "For keeng an the law")
Leeds shawn within Wast Yorkshire
Leeds shawn within Wast Yorkshire
Coordinates: 53°47′59″N 1°32′57″W / 53.79972°N 1.54917°W / 53.79972; -1.54917Coordinates: 53°47′59″N 1°32′57″W / 53.79972°N 1.54917°W / 53.79972; -1.54917
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Constituent kintra Ingland
RegionYorkshire an the Humber
Ceety regionLeeds
Ceremonial coonty Wast Yorkshire
Historic coontyYorkshire
Burgh chairter1207
Municipal chairter1626
Ceety status1893
Admeenistrative HQLeeds Civic Hall,
Millennium Square
 • TeepMetropolitan burgh
 • BodiLeeds Ceety Cooncil
 • LeadershipLeader an cabinet
 • ExecutiveLabour
 • LeaderJudith Blake
 • Laird MayorJane Dowson
 • Chief ExecutiveTom Riordan
 • Ceety551.7 km2 (213.0 sq mi)
 • Urban
487.8 km2 (188.3 sq mi)
Area rank84t
Highest elevation340 m (1115 ft)
Lowest elevation10 m (33 ft)
 (2011 est.)
 • Ceety811,956
 • Rank2nt
 • Density1361/km2 (3,520/sq mi)
 • Urban
1,901,934 (4t)
 • Urban density3,645/km2 (9,440/sq mi)
 • Metro
2,638,127 (4t)
 • Ethnicity
(2011 census)[3]
85% White
5.7% Asie or Asie Breetish
3.5% Black or Black Breetish
2.7% Mixed Race
3.1% Ither
Demonym(s)Loiner, Leodensian
Time zoneUTC+0 (Greenwich Mean Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+1 (Breetish Simmer Time)
Postcode auries
WF, BD (pairts)
Diallin codes0113 (Leeds)
01924 (Wakefield)
01937 (Wetherby)
01943 (Guiseley)
01977 (Pontefract)
ISO 3166 codeGB-LDS
GSS codeE08000035
NUTS 3 codeUKE42
ONS code00DA
OS grid referenceSE296338
Major railwey stationsLeeds (A)
Internaitional airportsLeeds Bradford (LBA)
GDPUS$ 82.98 billion[4][5]
– Per capitaUS$33,355[4]
GVA (2015)£21.3bn (4t) Increase 14.6%
– Per capita£27,466 (4t) Increase 14.6%
European ParliamentYorkshire and the Humber

Leeds is a ceety an metropolitan borough in Wast Yorkshire, Ingland. In 2001 Leeds' main urban subdiveesion haed a population o 443,247, while the entire ceety haed a population o 770,800 (2008 est.). Leeds is the cultural, financial an commercial hert of the Wast Yorkshire Urban Aurie, which at the 2001 census haed a population o 1.5 million, an the Leeds ceety region, an economic aurie wi Leeds at its core, haed a population o 2.9 million. Leeds is the UK's lairgest centre for business, legal, an financial services ootside Lunnon.

Twin touns[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceety haes several twinnin or pairtnership arrangements:

The ceety an aa haes "strang contacts" wi the follaein ceeties "for the purposes o ongoin projects":

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