Greg Mulholland

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Greg Mulholland
Greg Mulholland, September 2009 2.jpg
Lib Dem Shaidae spokesperson
for Heal
In office
Lib Dem Shaidae spokesperson
for Schuils
In office
Lib Dem Junior spokesperson
for Internaitional Development
In office
Member o Parliament
for Leeds North Wast
Assumed office
5 Mey 2005
Precedit bi Harold Best
Majority 9,103 (20.9%)
Cooncillor for Headingley ward
Leeds Ceety Cooncil
In office
Precedit bi David Pratt
Succeedit bi James Monaghan
Personal details
Born (1970-08-31) 31 August 1970 (age 47)
Manchester, Ingland
Naitionality Breetish
Poleetical pairty Liberal Democrat
Spoose(s) Raegan
Bairns Isabel, Madeleine, Ava
Residence Otley, Wast Yorkshire
Alma mater Varsity o York

Gregory Thomas Mulholland (born 31 August 1970) is an Inglis politeecian, an a member o the Unitit Kinrick pairlament at Wastmeinster, representin the Leiberal Democrat pairty. He represents the North-wast Leeds consteetuency in the Hoose o Commons.