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Awtho there are owerlappin definitions o the airt relatin tae cultur, leid, politics an historie (bytimes includin neibourin kintras), Flanders (Dutch: [het] Vlaanderen [ˈvlaːndərə(n)] ( listen)) is the airt o Belgium whaur Fleems (a byleid o the Dutch) is the maist common leid spikken bi fowk. The Flemish Region is the region o Belgium nou kent as Flanders.

The demonym associatit wi Flanders is Flemings, while the correspondin adjective is Fleems. The official caipital o Flanders is Brussels,[1] awtho the Brussels Caipital Region haes an unthirled regional govrenment, an the govrenment o Flanders ainly owersees the commonities aspecks o Flanders life in Brussels sic as Fleems cultur an Eddication.

Ootwi Belgium, Flanders haes a bad name because o strang far-richt influences.[2]

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