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The subtropics

The subtropics are geografic an climate zones locatit roughly atween the tropic circle o latitude (the Tropic o Cancer an Tropic o Capricorn) an the 35t parallel in each hemisphere. Subtropical climate regimes can exist at heich elevations within the tropics, sic as athort the Mexican Plateau an in Vietnam an Taiwan. Sax climate classifications utilize the term tae help define the various temperatur an precipitation regimes for the planet Yird. Aicht months o the year within the subtropics hae an average temperatur at or abuin 10 °C (50.0 °F), wi thair cauldest month averagin atween 2 an 13 °C (35.6 an 55.4 °F).

A great portion o the warld's deserts are locatit within the subtropics, due tae the development o the subtropical ridge. Within savanna regimes in the subtropics, a wet saison is seen annually during the simmer, which is when maist o the yearly rainfaw faws. Within Mediterranean climate regime, the wet saison occurs during the winter. Auries borderin wairm oceans are prone tae locally hivy rainfaw frae tropical cyclones, which can contribute a signeeficant percentage o the annual rainfaw. Plants sic as date paums, citrus, mango, litchi, an avocado are grown within the subtropics. Tree ferns an sequoia an aa grow within subtropical climate regimes.