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View frae the Roman waw o Lugo an its Cathedral
View frae the Roman waw o Lugo an its Cathedral
Banner o Lugo
Coat o airms o Lugo
Coat o airms
Lugo is locatit in Spain
Coordinates: 43°01′N 7°33′W / 43.017°N 7.550°W / 43.017; -7.550Coordinates: 43°01′N 7°33′W / 43.017°N 7.550°W / 43.017; -7.550
Kintra Spain
Region Galicie
Province Lugo
Comarca Lugo
 • Teep Mayor-cooncil
 • Bouk Concello de Lugo
 • Mayor Xosé Clemente López Orozco (PSdeG)
 • Total 332 km2 (128 sq mi)
Elevation 465 m (1,526 ft)
Population (2013)Concello de Lugo
 • Tot 99,241
 • Density 300/km2 (770/sq mi)
Time zone CET (GMT +1)
 • Simmer (DST) CEST (GMT +2) (UTC)
Postcode 2700x
Aurie code(s) +34-982
ISO 3166-2 ES-LU
Patron Saunt Saunt Froilán

Lugo is a ceity in the north-wast of Spain. Caipital o the province o Lugo, in Galicie. Is the fowert lairgest Galician ceety wi a population o 97,635 in 2010. Its mains festivals, the San Froilán, it is ane o the maist famous in Spain an Portugal, while the traditional dish, "polbo á feira". Waw o Lugo wis declared a UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid in 2000.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Lugo (Celtic name: Lugh) wis the steid o monie Celtic commonties for centuries afore Christ. The oreeginal Laitin name o the ceety wis Lucus Augusti, meanin "saucrit forest".

Twin touns an sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kintra Ceety or municipality Subdiveesion
Fraunce Dinan Breetany
Galicie (Spain) Ferrol Galicie
Fowkrepublic o Cheenae Qinhuangdao Hebei
Portugal Viana do Castelo Norte
Fowkrepublic o Cheenae Great Waw o Cheenae Fowkrepublic o Cheenae