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2000 (MM) wis a century leap year that stairtit on a Setturday, in accordance wi the Gregorian calendar. It wis the 2000t year o the Common Era or the Anno Domini designation, the 1000t an last year o the 2nt millennium, the 100t an last year o the 20t century, an the 1st year o the 2000s.

2000 wis designatit as:

The year 2000 wis the first year o the 2000s decade. Popular culture haulds the year 2000 as the first year o the 21st century an the 3rd millennium, due tae a tendency tae group the years accordin tae decimal values, as if year zero wur countit. Accordin tae the Gregorian Calendar these distinctions faw tae the year 2001, acause the 1st century wis retroactively said tae stairt wi year AD 1. Syne the calendar haes na year zero, its first millennium spans frae years 1 to 1000, inclusively, an its seicont millennium frae years 1001 tae 2000.

The year 2000 wis the subject o Y2K concerns: fears that computers would nae shift frae 1999 tae 2000 correctly. However, bi the end o 1999, mony companies haed already convertit tae new, or upgradit thair existin saftware. Some even obtained Y2K certification. As a result o massive effort, much o it mis-directit, relatively few problems occurred.

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