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1998 is a year o the Gregorian calendar.

  • 2t o Januar: Roushie pits new rubles oot in circulation, ane haes the warth o thoosand o the auncient anes!
  • 17t o Januar: Paula Jones accuses U.S. Preses Bill Clinton o sexual harassment.
  • 15t o Aprile, Cambodia : Daith o Pol Pot. Reid Khmers muivment disappears.
  • 26t o Mey, Australie : First National Sorry Day, fowk-muivment for the "stown generations" o Australie, the white-aborigene bairns taen frae 1860 tae 1960, an pit intae orphanages, o missions or white faimilies for tae assimilate thaim.
  • 11t o Mey : The first euro cunyie is made bi the European Bank.[1]
  • 22t o Mey : A feck o fowk vote ay tae the Peace Treaty in Ulster, Eire.
  • 5t o Juin: Rols Royce is awned bi Volkswagen.
  • 15t o August: In Ulster the IRA extremist breench commits in Omagh the maist daith-carrier attentat : 29 daith.
The new roushie rubles

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