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Arab SpringAnnexation o Crimea bi the Roushie FederationIslamic State o Iraq an the LevantBrexitParis GreementSmaurtphoneObergefell v. HodgesBlack hole
Frae left, clockwice: Anti-govrenment protests spreid athort the Arab Wsrld in the Arab Ware; Crimea is annexed bi Roushie in 2014; ISIL performs terrorist attecks athort warld an capturs, but later loses pairts o Sirie an Iraqi territory; concern aboot climate chynge leads tae Paris Greement an increases in climate activism; the first eemage o a black hole is revealed in 2019; same-sex mairiage becomes legal in the US an several ither kintras; deegital an mobile technologies sic as the smairtphone rise tae mainstream adoption; populism increases in muckle o the warld, wi the UK votin tae leave the EU in 2016.
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The 2010s (pronoonced "twenty-tens"[1] or "twa thoosand (an) tens") [2][3][4][5] wis a decade in the Gregorian calendar that began on Januar 1, 2010 an endit on December 31, 2019.

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