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2012 (MMXII) wis a lowp year stairtin on a Sunday in the Gregorian calendar.

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  • 3 DecemberJupiter oppositions.
  • 21 December — the mesoamerican lang coont calendar, notably uised bi the Meya civilization amang ethers o pre-columbian mesoamericae, completes its thirteent b'ak'tun cycle syne the calendar's meethical startin' pynt (equivalent tae 3114 bc August 11 in the proleptic gregorian calendar, accordin' tae the "gmt-correlation" jdn= 584283).see finley (2002), hooston (1989, pp. 49–51), miller an taube (1993, pp. 50–52), voss (2006, p. 138), wagner (2006, pp. 281–283). note 'at hooston 1989 mistakenly writes "3113 bc" (when "-3113" is meant), an miller an taube 1993's mention o "2 August" is a (presumed) erratum. the lang coont b'ak'tun date o thes startin' pynt ( is repeated, fur the first time in a span o approximately fife,125 solar years. the significance o thes period-endin' tae the pre-columbian Meya themselves is unclear, an thaur is an incomplete inscription (tortuguero monument 6) 'at graphite loons thes date. it is tae be foond carved oan the walls o the temple o inscriptions in palenque an aa, whaur it functions as a base date frae which ither dates ur computed.wagner (2006, p. 281; an aa nae weel.443). houiver, it is conjectured 'at thes main represent in the Meya belief seestem a transition frae the current creation warld intae the next.
  • the 2012 winter solstice will occur oan thes day at 11:11 UTC forby. Unitit States naval observatory (28 Januar 2007). "Yirds seasons: equinoxes, solstices, perihelion, an aphelion, 2000-2020". Archived frae the original on 13 October 2007. Retrieved 15 Apryle 2008.
  • December 23 — the alternatife date fur the completion o the thirteent b'ak'tun cycle in the Meya calendar, usin' a version o the gmt-correlation based oan a jdn o 584285 (a.k.a. the "astronomical" ur "loonsbury correlation"), which is supported by a smawer nummer o Meyanist researchers.efter a modified proposal championed by floyd loonsbury; soorces 'at hae uised thes correlation include hooston (1989, p. 51), an in parteecular schele an freidel (1990, pp. 430 it seq.). see an aa commentary by finley (2002), fa althoogh makin' an assessment 'at the "[584285 correlation yieldin' end-date o December 23] is noo mair aw the gang wi Meyanists", expresses a personal preference fur the 584283 correlation.
  • 31 December — expiration o the Kyoto Protocol.

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Metaphysical predictions[eedit | eedit soorce]

2012 is whiles claimed tae be a great year o spiritual transformation (ur apocalypse). mony esoteric soorces interprit the completion o the thirteent b'ak'tun cycle in the lang coont o the Meya calendar (which occurs oan December 21 by the maist widely held correlation) tae pure techt thaur will be a majur chynge in warld order. accordingly, several eclectic authors claeem 'at a majur, world-changin' event will tak' place in 2012:

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Music[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • "A Certain Shade o Green," a sang frae the Incubus album s.c.i.e.n.c.e., references 2012 in the followin' lines: aur ye gonna stain aroond till 2012 a.d.? / whit ur ye waitin' fur, a certain shade o green?. December 21, 2012 appears tae be the date when the video fur the sang "warning" is supposed tae tak' place.
  • Genesis's sang Get'em it bi Friday frae thair 1972 album Foxtrot, sets "18/9/2012" (on the printed operistic-dialog lyrics) as the date when "genetic control" woods sit a heecht restriction oan human beings sae 'at twice as mony fowk coods fit oan real estate properties.
  • "Pesky Solar Flares", bi Angie Strange haes lyrics relatin' tae coronal mass ejections occurrin' durin' the winter solstice o 2012. the sang wis available as a free download oan the wabsteid o the aw the gang american conspiracy gab radio shaw coest tae coest am.
  • the Hed Pe sang "i.f.o." (tae be foond oan thair seicont, self-titled album), which is abit ufo sightings an governmental conspiracies tae cowre them up, references the year 2012: "prepaur tae meit yer maker in the skies ower the pyramids / check stonehenge / gang ask the Meyans / 2012 suin come / Ah will be waitin' sayin' Ah tauld ye sae / when the skies ur ripped open / an the mothership lands oan yer cynical ass".
  • (hed) p.e. references 2012 in "killin' time" frae thair seicont album "broke". come twintie twal, come twal tribes, come twal strands, come twal li'es twal steps, twal months, twal drug dealers
  • stones flin' records airtist Dudley Perkins released his lp, entitled 'expressions (2012 a.u.)', in 2006
  • the instrumental sang "December 21, 2012" bi Frodus, which appears as a b-side tae thair best-sellin' 7" vinyl single o thair devo cowre "explosions" (released 1997).
  • the Anaal Nathrakh sang "Timewae Zero" is abit the apparent end o the warld oan December 21, 2012. the lyrics ur translated as "the 21st o December, 2012, the time will come"
  • the A Day Tae Remember sang "Fest Forward Tae 2012" refers tae the warld endin' in 2012 as a warnin' fur friends tae dae somethin' tae prepaur.
  • british nu-rae ootfit klaxons sin' abit apocalyptic horsemen in thair sang "foor horsemen o 2012" frae the 2007 album myths o the near future.
  • the sang "2012 — demise o the 5th sun" by the melodic daith metal bain scar symmetry is a reference tae the year 2012. "fur the lines oan the fractal wae / fit the coorse o history / they're created tae wark as a body till the end / when the winter solstice comes / actualizin' the prophecy / the demise in 2012 realized"
  • the testament sang "3 days in darkness", aff o the gaitherin' album is a sang abit 2012, an speaks o the Yird bein' swallowed in molten fire.
  • vnv nation's album praise the fallen" haes the subtitle "ptf 2012", which is forby the nam o a track in the album, which seems tae be predominantly abit an upcomin' war. the sang, "honoor" starts wi the line, "passife fields, januar 2012..."
  • hivy metal bain burnt by the sun's tois albums baith deal wi prophecies concernin' the year 2012.
  • "2012" is the nam o the 2005 album by the experimental rock bain auld time relijun, an several sangs mak references tae auncient Meyan cultur, sic' as "burial moond" an "the kin' o tint lecht."
  • oan the bain hella's album There's nae 666 in ooter space thaur is a track cried "2012 an coontless" in which the anly words ur "there's nae 666 in ooter space" repeated.
  • metal bain Ewigkeit's album Radio Ixtlan haes a track entitled "life at palenque 2012" referencin' baith the Meyan calendar date an the site at which the temple o inscriptions whaur it is carved.
  • canibus mentions the year 2012 an December 21, 2012 oan his poit laureate infinity vocals an oan his 2007 album fur whom the beat tolls.

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See Finley (2002), Houston (1989, pp. 49–51), Miller an Taube (1993, pp. 50–52), Voss (2006, p. 138), Wagner (2006, pp. 281–283). Note that Houston 1989 mistakenly writes "3113 BC" (when "-3113" is meant), an Miller an Taube 1993's mention o "2 August" is a (presumed) erratum. The Long Count b'ak'tun date o this stairtin pynt ( is repeated, for the first time in a span o approximately 5,125 solar years. The significance o this period-endin tae the pre-Columbian Meya themselves is unclear, an there is an incomplete inscription (Tortuguero Monument 6) that records this date. It is tae be foond carved on the walls o the Temple o Inscriptions in Palenque an aa, whaur it functions as a base date frae which ither dates are computed.Wagner (2006, p. 281; ill.443 an aa). Houiver, it is conjectured that this Mey represent in the Meya belief seestem a transition frae the current Creation world intae the next.