Kyoto Protocol

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Kyoto Protocol
Kyoto Protocol tae the Unitit Naitions Framework Convention on Climate Chynge
A warld cairt in which kintras are colored accordin tae their commitment status for the period 2013-2020 o the Kyoto Protocol
Kyoto Protocol participation cairt
(commitment period: 2013–20)

     Pairties; Annex I & II kintras wi bindin tairgets      Pairties; Developin kintras wioot bindin tairgets*      States nae Pairty tae the Protocol      Signatory kintra wi no intention tae ratify the treaty, wi no bindin targets[1]      Kintras that hae renoonced the Protocol, wi no bindin targets*[2]

     Pairties wi no bindin targets in the seicont period, which previously haed targets*[3]
*Note: As pairt o the 2010 Cancún agreements, 76 developed an developin kintras hae made voluntary pledges tae control thair emissions o greenhoose gases.[4][5]
Signed11 December 1997[6]
Effective16 Februar 2005[6]
CondeetionRatification bi 55 States tae the Convention, incorporatin States includit in Annex I which accoonted in tot for at least 55 per cent o the tot carbon dioxide emissions for 1990 o the Pairties includit in Annex I
DepositarySecretar-General o the Unitit Naitions
LeidsArabic, Cheenese, Inglis, French, Roushie an Spainyie
Kyoto Protocol at Wikisource
Kyoto Protocol Extension (2012–20)
Doha Amendment tae the Kyoto Protocol[7]
Ratification o the Doha Amendment
  States that ratified
  Kyoto protocol pairties that did nae ratify
  Non pairties tae the Kyoto Protocol
Draftit8 December 2012[7]
LocationDoha, Qatar[7]
Effectivenae in effect[7]
Condeetionratification bi 3/4 of the member states
Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocol at Wikisource

The Kyoto Protocol tae the Unitit Naitions Framework Convention on Climate Chynge (UNFCCC) is an internaitional treaty that sets bindin obligations on industrialized kintras tae reduce emissions o greenhoose gases.

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