Commonweel o Nations

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The Commonweel

The Commonweel o Nations, kent for ordinar as the Commonweel an kent as the Breetish Commonweel forby, is a voluntar associe o 53 independent sovereign states, maist o whit's umwhile Breetish colonies (cep the Unitit Kinrick itsel an Mozambique).

The Commonweel is an internaitional organisation that kintras wi diverse social, poleetical, an economic backgrounds co-operate throu in a framewirk o common vailyies an ettles, ootlined in the Singapore Declaration.

Elizabeth II is the Heid o State, separately, o saxteen members o the Commonweel an aw, cried Commonweel kinricks. As ilka kinrick is independent, Elizabeth II, as monarch, hauds a distinct teetle for ilkane, tho, bi a Prime Meenisters' Conference in 1952, aw include the wirds "Heid o the Commonweel" at the end; for ensaumple: Elizabeth the Seicont, by the Grace o God, Queen o Jamaica an o Her ither Kinricks an Stewartries, Heid o the Commonweel. Ayont the kinricks, the muckle pairt o the members o the Commonweel haes thair ain, sindry Heids o State: thirty-twa members is Commonweel republics an five members haes thair ain monarchs (Sultan o Brunei, Keeng o Lesotho, Supreme Ruler o Malaysie, Keeng o Swaziland, an Keeng o Tonga).

Members[eedit | eedit soorce]

Commonweel Kinricks[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Commonweel kinricks, shawn in pink

A Commonweel kinrick is a kintra that haes the same monarch as the Unitit Kinrick.

Queen Elizabeth II o the Unitit Kinrick is alsae:

Ither Members[eedit | eedit soorce]