Antigua an Barbuda

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Coordinates: 17°03′N 61°48′W / 17.050°N 61.800°W / 17.050; -61.800

Antigua an Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda
Banner o jew
Coat o airms o jew
Coat o airms
Motto: "Each Endeavouring, All Achieving"

Location o jew
Location o jew
and largest city
St. John's
17°7′N 61°51′W / 17.117°N 61.850°W / 17.117; -61.850
Offeecial leidsInglis
Ither leidsAntiguan Creole
Ethnic groups
89% Black
4.4% Mixed
2.4% White
2.5% Ither
GovrenmentPairlamentary democracy unner constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Elizabeth II
Rodney Williams
Gaston Browne
Hoose o Representatives
27 Februar 1967
• frae the Unitit Kinrick
1 November 1981
• Total
440 km2 (170 sq mi) (182t)
• Water (%)
• 2018 estimate
96,286 (199t)
• 2011 census
• Density
69/km2 (178.7/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2019 estimate
• Total
$2.731 billion[1]
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2019 estimate
• Tot
$1.717 billion[1]
• Per capita
HDI (2014)Increase 0.776[2]
heich · 74t
CurrencyEast Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Time zoneUTC-4 (AST)
Drivin sideleft
Cawin code+1-268
  1. "God Save the Queen" is the offeecial naitional anthem, but is generally uised anly on regal an vice-regal occasions.

Antigua an Barbuda (pronounced /ænˈtiːɡwə ænd bɑrˈbjuːdə/ (deprecatit template); locally /ænˈtiːɡə ænd bɑrˈbjuːdə/; Spaingie for "auncient" an "beardit") is a twin-island naition lyin atween the Caribbean Sea an the Atlantic Ocean. It consists o twa major inhabitit islands, Antigua an Barbuda, an a number o smawer islands (includin Great Bird, Green, Guinea, Long, Maiden an York Islands). Separatit bi a few nautical miles, the group is in the middle o the Leeward Islands pairt o the Lesser Antilles, roughly at 17 degrees north o the Equator. Antigua an Barbuda is nicknamed "Land o 365 Beaches" due tae the mony beaches surroondingthe land. The Breetish Empire, which the kintra wis umwhile pairt o, haes strangly influenced its govrenance, leid, an cultur.

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