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Kinrick o Swaziland
Kingdom of Swaziland
Umbuso weSwatini
[[File:|124px|Banner]] Coat o airms
(Banner) (Coat o airms)
Motto: "Siyinqaba"
Offeecial leid Inglis Swazi
Caipital Lobamba (ryal an legislative)
Mbabane (admeenistrative)
Lairgest ceety Mbabane
Demonym Swazi
 - Preses
 - Prime Meenister

Absolute monarchy
Mswati III
Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini 
 - Tot

17,364 km² (6,704 sq mi)
 - 2009
 -  census
Foondin Unthirldom frae Unitit Kinrick
6 September 1968
Siller Swazi lilangeni (SZL)
Time zone SAST UTC + 2
Naitional anthem Nkulunkulu Mnikati wetibusiso temaSwati
Internet TLD .sz
Cawin code 268

The Kinrick o Swaziland is a wee kintra in sooth Africae, cried efter the Swazi, an it ligs atween Sooth Africae (tae the wast) an Mozambique (tae the east). Forby thon it ligs upo the eastern braes o the Drakensberg muntains.