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Mbabane (Swazi: ÉMbábáne) wi an estimatit population o 95,000 (2007), is the caipital an lairgest ceety o Swaziland. It is locatit on the Mbabane River an its tributary the Polinjane River in the Mdimba Muntains. It is locatit in the destrict o Hhohho, o which it is an aa the caipital. The average elevation o the ceety is 3,800 ft. The population (estimatit) in 1987 wis 30,000.[1]

The toun grew efter the naition's admeenistrative centre muivit frae Bremersdorp (nou cried Manzini) in 1902. It derives its name frae a Chief, Mbabane Kunene, who lived in the aurie when Breetish settlers arrived. It is an aw a commercial hub for the surroondin region, while tin an iron wur mined nearbi.

View o Mbabane

Mbabane's closest border crossin tae Sooth Africae is Ngwenya-Oshoek, an though siSwati is the primary leid, Inglis is widespread. Mbabane, an Swaziland itsel, depend on tourism an succar exports. The ceety haes twa steids for licht industries.

Mbabane is the hame o the Waterford-KaMhlaba United World College o Soothren Africae, as well as ane o the three campuses o the University o Swaziland. An aa in Mbabane is the Breetish Heich Commission which is responsible for relations atween the govrenments o Swaziland an the Unitit Kinrick.

Portable market hut in Mbabane, 1979

Sister ceeties

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Due tae its altitude, Mbabane features a milder, mair moderate form o a humid subtropical climate. The ceety haes a mild climate an snaw is a rare event, which haes occurred anerlie 3 times syne 1900. The ceety averages anerlie fower days o frost a year. The average annual temperature is 15 °C in Julie an 22 °C in Januar.[2]


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Coordinates: 26°19′S 31°08′E / 26.317°S 31.133°E / -26.317; 31.133