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Frae tap tae bottom: skyline view o Gaborone, statue o Seretse Khama,
the ceety centre o Gaborone, bird's-ee view o Gaborone
Nickname(s): Gabs, GC, Gabz, G-City
Satellite image o Gaborone
Gaborone is located in Botswana
Location o Gaborone in Botswana
Coordinates: 24°39′29″S 25°54′44″E / 24.65806°S 25.91222°E / -24.65806; 25.91222Coordinates: 24°39′29″S 25°54′44″E / 24.65806°S 25.91222°E / -24.65806; 25.91222
Kintra  Botswana
Destrict Gaborone
Sub-destrict Gaborone
Foondit 1964[1]
Named for Kgosi Gaborone
 • Type Ceety commission govrenment
 • Body Gaborone Ceety Cooncil
 • Mayor Haskins Nkaigwa (BMD)[2]
 • Deputy Mayor Florence Shagwa (BCP)[2]
 • Ceety 169 km2 (65 sq mi)
Elevation[4] 983 m (3,225 ft)
Population (2011)[5]
 • Ceety 231,626
 • Density 1,400/km2 (3,500/sq mi)
 • Metro 421,907
Time zone Central Africae Time (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) nae observed (UTC+2)
Geografical aurie code[6][7] 3XX
ISO 3166 code BW-SE
Twin cities
 • Burbank {{{twin1_country}}}
 • Zhejiang Province {{{twin2_country}}}
 • Västerås {{{twin3_country}}}
Website Gaborone City Council Website

Gaborone (Tswana IPA: [χabʊˈrʊnɪ][missing tone]; Inglish /ˌɡæbəˈrn/ GA-bə-ROH-nee) is the caipital ceety o Botswana. It haes 208,411 indwallers. Gaborone is ane o the fastest-growin ceeties in Africae. Gaborone is locatit on the Notwane River in the sooth eastren corner o Botswana. It is 15 km (9 mi) frae the Sooth Africaen border.

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