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Niamey is located in Niger
Coordinates: 13°31′17″N 02°06′19″E / 13.52139°N 2.10528°E / 13.52139; 2.10528Coordinates: 13°31′17″N 02°06′19″E / 13.52139°N 2.10528°E / 13.52139; 2.10528
Kintra Niger
RegionNiamey Urban Community
Communes Urbaines5 Communes
Destricts44 Destricts
Quartiers99 Quarters
 • TeepAppointit destrict govrenment, electit ceety cooncil, electit commune an quarter cooncils
 • Govrenor o Niamey Urban CommunityMrs. Kané Aichatou Boulama[1]
 • Mayor o Niamey CeetyOumarou Dogari Moumouni[1]
 • Total239.30 km2 (92.39 sq mi)
207 m (679 ft)
 • Total1,302,910
 • Density5,400/km2 (14,000/sq mi)
 Niamey Urban Community
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)
Area code(s)20

Niamey (French pronunciation: ​[njaˈmɛ]) is the caipital an lairgest ceety o the Wast African naition o Niger. Niamey ligs on the Niger River, primarily situatit on the east bank. It is a admeenistrative, cultural an economic centre. Niamey's population, offeecially 774,235 as o the 2006 census,[4] is estimatit tae be muckle heicher. Niamey is locatit at 13°31'17" North, 2°6'19" East (13.521389, 2.105278).[5]

The ceety is locatit in a pearl millet growin region, whiles manufacturin industries include bricks, ceramic guids, cement an weavin.

Niamey wis probably foondit in the aichteent century, but wis o little importance tae maist o the kintra till the French developed a colonial post in the 1890s. This rapidly growed intae a important centre. In 1926 it becam the caipital o Niger, an the population gradually increased, frae aboot 3,000 in 1930 tae aroond 30,000 in 1960, 250,000 in 1980 an - bi some estimates - 800,000 in 2000. The major cause o the increase haes been immigration durin drochts.

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