Port Louis

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Port Louis
Aerial view o Port Louis
Aerial view o Port Louis
Banner o Port Louis
Official seal of Port Louis
"Concordia et Progressio"
(Laitin for "Harmony an Progress")
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Coordinates: 20°9′51.7896″S 57°30′14.7738″E / 20.164386000°S 57.504103833°E / -20.164386000; 57.504103833Coordinates: 20°9′51.7896″S 57°30′14.7738″E / 20.164386000°S 57.504103833°E / -20.164386000; 57.504103833
CountryMauritius Mauritius
DestrictsPort Louis Destrict
Toun25 August 1966
Ceety12 December 2011
 • TeepMunicipality
 • Lord MayorAslam Adam Hossenally
 • Deputy Lord MayorMrs Marie Christiane Dorine CHUKOWRY
 • Total46.7 km2 (18.0 sq mi)
 • Total148,001
 • Rank1st in Mauritius
 • Density3,200/km2 (8,200/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+4 (MUT)
WebsiteMunicipal Council

Port Louis (French pronunciation: ​[pɔʁlwi]) is the caipital o Mauritius. It is the lairgest ceety o the kintra an main port, that borders the Indian Ocean. It is locatit in the Port Louis Destrict. The population is 147,688 (2003 census).

Port Louis Centre

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Port Louis wis awready in uiss as a harbour in 1638. In 1735, unner French govrenment, it becam the admeenistrative centre o Mauritius an a major reproveesionin halt for French ships traivellin aroond the Cape o Guid Howp. The Port is named in honour o King Louis XV. The first Govrenor wis Coont Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais.

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