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Sooth African Inglis

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The term South African Inglis (SAE or SAI) is the leid code for Sooth African Inglis , as defined bi ISO staundarts (see ISO 639-1 an ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) an Internet staundarts (see IETF leid tag)) is applied tae the first leid dialects o Inglis spoken bi Sooth Africans, wi the L1 Inglis variety spoken bi Zimbabweans, Zambians an Namibians, being recognised as affshoots.

There is some social an regional variation athin Sooth African Inglis. Social variation athin Sooth African Inglis haes been classified intae three groupins:[1] Cultivated, closely approximatin Received Pronunciation an associated wi upper class; General, a social indicator o the middle class, an Broad, associated wi the wirkin class and/or Afrikaans descent, an closely approximatin the seicont-leid Afrikaans-Inglis variety. This is similar tae the case in Australian Inglis.

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  1. Termed "The Great Trichotomy" bi Lass (2002:109ff)