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Sunday is the day o the week atween Setturday an Monanday, an the seicont day o the weekend in some culturs. It is thocht on as a haliday in kintras wi a Christian tradeetion, an is the day that Christians maist aften gangs tae the Kirk.

In the Gregorian calendar, nae century can stairt on a Sunday. In the Hebrew calendar, ae towmond can stairt on a Sunday. Ony month that begis wi a Sunday will hae a Friday the 13t in't.

The name Sunday[eedit | eedit soorce]

In Scots, Sunday comes fae Sunne, the Germanic sun goddess.[citation needit]

In the aforegane Jewish tradeetion Setturday is the sawbath.[1] Mony leids disnae hie sindert wirds for "Setturday" an "sawbath".[2] The Eastren Orthodox kirks maks a differ atween the sawbath (Setturday) an the Laird's day (Sunday). Roman Catholics pits sicna wee bit emphasis on that disteenction that mony amang them follaes — at least in iveryday langage — the Protestant practice o cryin Sunday the sawbath. Quakers tradeetionally cries Sunday the "First Day" eschewing the "heathen" oreegin o the name.[citation needit]

Poseetion athin the week[eedit | eedit soorce]

In mony kintras, includin the maist o Europe an Sooth Americae (but Brazil), Sunday is hauden tae be the hindermaist day o the week. In ithers, includin the Unitit States, it is seen as the first day, a tradeetional view that comes fae auncient Jews, Egyptians an the Haly Roman Empire. ISO 8601 defines Monanday as the first day o the week, makkin Sunday the sievent.[3]

Common Sunday Ongauns[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sunday is thocht on as bein haly amang maist Christians an aftentimes a day o rest an for gangin tae the kirk. Houiver, fae Friday gloamin tae Setturday gloamin is whan God made it a haly day o rest, Sawbath.

In orthodox Christian families an communities some activities isna duin, e.g. wirkin, daein somethin at needs anither body tae wirk sic as buyin guids or services (includin the uiss o public transport), drivin a caur, gairdenin, giein the caur a wash, etc. Some exceptions is alloud, an thay are makkin uiss o releegious services, an, for ordinar, uisin electricity, an urgent medical maiters.

In the Unitit States, perfaisonal fitba is for ordinar played on Sunday, tho Setturday an Monanday haes some professional gemmes an aw. Varsity fitba for ordinar gaes on on Setturday, an saicontary schuil fitbaw tends tae happen on on Friday. It isna uncommon for kirk-gangin tae muive on days whan a late mornin or early efternuin gemme is anticipatit bi a local commonty.

Aside thon in the United States, mony federal govrenment biggins is steekit on Sunday. Privately awned businesses tends tae close or is open for shorter periods o the day than on ither days o the week an aw.

Mony American an Breetish telly netwerks an stations braidcasts thair poleetical interview shaws on Sunday mornins an aw.

Mony American an Breetish daily newspapers sets furth a lairger edeetion on Sundays that aften haes colour comic strips in it, a magazine, an a coupon section.

Named days[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Law Sunday, first Sunday efter Easter, kent as Whit Sunday an aw, Quasimodo Sunday, Alb Sunday, Antipascha Sunday, an Divine Mercy Sunday.
  • Paum Sunday is the Sunday afore Easter.
  • Passion Sunday, uisst tae denote the fift Sunday o Lent, but sin 1970 the term applees tae the follaein Sunday, kent as Paum Sunday an aw.
  • Septuagesima Sunday, afore 1970, wis the thrid fae the last Sunday afore Lent.
  • Stir-up Sunday, is the last Sunday afore Advent.
  • Trinity Sunday is the first Sunday efter Pentecost.
  • Laetare Sunday
  • Gaudete Sunday
  • Whitsunday

Quotes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • In the popular rhyme, "The bairn born on Sunday is fair an wice an guid an gey".

Fremmit airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]

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