Haly Roman Empire

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Haly Roman Empire
Sacrum Romanum Imperium


Imperial Banner Quaternion Eagle
The Haly Roman Empire aroond 1600, superimposed ower current state borders
Caipital No offeecial caipital, various imperial seats[lower-alpha 1]
Leids Various[lower-alpha 2]
Releegion Roman Catholicism[lower-alpha 3]
Protestantism[lower-alpha 4]
Government Elective monarchy
 -  962–973 Otto I (first)
 -  1792–1806 Francis II (last)
Legislatur Imperial Diet
Historical era Middle Ages
Early modren period
 -  Otto I is crowned Emperor o the Romans 2 Februar 962
 -  Conrad II assumes croun o Burgundy 2 Februar 1033
 -  Peace o Augsburg 25 September 1555
 -  Peace o Westphalie 24 October 1648
 -  Battle o Austerlitz 2 December 1805
 -  Francis II abdicatit 6 August 1806
 -  1200 est. 5,000,000[1] 
 -  1500 est. 16,000,000[2][3] 
 -  1618 est. 21,000,000[4] 
 -  1648 est. 16,000,000[4] 
 -  1786 est. 26,265,000[5] 
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Middle Francia
East Francia
Confederation o the Rhine
Austrick Empire
Auld Swiss Confederacy
Kinrick o Proushie
Kinrick o Saxony
Duchy o Holstein
Duchy o Oldenburg
Free an Hanseatic Ceety o Hamburg
Principality o Reuss-Greiz
Duchy o Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Swadish Pomeranie
Electorate o Hesse
Principality o Nassau-Orange-Fulda
Principality o Waldeck
Duchy o Saxe-Weimar
The day pairt o

The Haly Roman Empire (Laitin: Sacrum Romanum Imperium, German: Heiliges Römisches Reich) wis a multi-ethnic complex o territories in central Europe that developed during the Early Middle Ages an continued till its dissolution in 1806.[6]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The Empire haed no offeecial caipital, thou there war a nummer o imperial seat ceeties, which varied throuoot history: e.g. Vienna (Continuous Imperial Residenz Ceety, 1483–1806), Regensburg (Eternal Diet, 1663–1806) an Prague (1346–1437, 1583–1611)
  2. German, Laitin, Italian, Czech, Pols, Dutch, French, Frisian, Slovene, Sorbian an ither leids.
  3. Roman Catholicism constitutit the single offeecial religion o the Empire till 1555.
  4. Lutheranism wis offeecially recognised in the Peace o Augsburg of 1555, and Calvinism in the Peace of Westphalia of 1648. Those two constituted the only officially recognized Protestant denominations, while various ither Protestant confessions such as Anabaptism, Arminianism, etc. coexistit illegally within the Empire.

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