Confederation o the Rhine

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Confederated States of the Rhine
Confederation o the Rhine

Rheinbund  (Script error: The function "name_from_code" does not exist.)
Confédération du Rhin  (Script error: The function "name_from_code" does not exist.)
Commemorative Medal o Confederation o the Rhine
Commemorative Medal
The Confederation o the Rhine in 1812
The Confederation o the Rhine in 1812
Common leidsGerman, French
GovrenmentConfederatit French client states
• 1806–13
Napoleon I
• 1806–13
Karl von Dalberg
• 1813
Eugène de Beauharnais
LegislaturDiet o the Confederation
Historical eraNapoleonic Wars
• Treaty o the Confederation o the Rhine
12 Julie 1806
• Haly Roman Empire dissolved
6 August 1806
• Dissolved efter Battle o Leipzig
4 November 1813
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Haly Roman Empire
German Confederation Wappen Deutscher Bund.svg
The day pairt o

The Confederation o the Rhine (German: Rheinbund; French: offeecially États confédérés du Rhin ("Confederatit States o the Rhine"), but in practice Confédération du Rhin) wis a confederation o client states o the First French Empire.

Coordinates: 50°07′N 8°41′E / 50.117°N 8.683°E / 50.117; 8.683