German Confederation

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German Confederation

Deutscher Bund
The German Confederation in 1815
The German Confederation in 1815
Common leidsGerman, Italian, Law German, Czech, Slovene, Polish, Limburgish an ithers
Roman Catholicism an Protestantism
• 1815–1835
Francis I
• 1835–1848
Ferdinand I
• 1850–1866
Francis Joseph I
LegislaturFederal Convention
8 Juin 1815
13 Mairch 1848
14 Juin 1866
23 August 1866
1815630,100 km2 (243,300 sq mi)
• 1815
CurrencyReichsthaler, Conventionsthaler, Vereinsthaler
ISO 3166 codeDE
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Confederation o the Rhine
Austrick Empire
Kinrick o Prousshie
North German Confederation
Austrick Empire
Kinrick o Bavarie
Kinrick o Württemberg
Grand Duchy o Baden
Grand Duchy o Hesse
Grand Duchy o Luxembourg
Principality o Liechtenstein
The day pairt o Germany
 Czech Republic



The German Confederation (German: Deutscher Bund) wis a luise association o 39 German states in Central Europe, creatit bi the Congress o Vienna in 1815 tae coordinate the economies o separate German-speakin kintras an tae replace the umwhile Haly Roman Empire.[1]

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