Haly Roman Emperor

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Emperor o the Haly Roman Empire
Quaterionenadler David de Negker.svg
Quaternion Eagle
Kaiser Franz II um 1800.jpg
Francis II
Style His Imperial Majesty
First monarch Charlemagne
(as Emperor o the Romans)
Last monarch Francis II
(as Electit Roman Emperor)
Formation 25 December 800
Aboleetion 6 August 1806
Appynter see Coronation o the Haly Roman Emperor
Pretender(s) Poseetion abolished

The Haly Roman Emperor (German: Römisch-deutscher Kaiser, Laitin: Romanorum Imperator) wis the ruler o the Haly Roman Empire. Frae an autocracy in Carolingian times the teetle evolved intae an elected monarchy chosen bi the Prince-electors. Till the Reformation the Emperor elect (imperator electus) wis required tae be crouned bi the Pape afore assumin the imperial title.