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Paum Sunday

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The Entry of Christ into Jerusalem mosaic by the Maister o the Cappella Palatina in Palermo, Italy
(Greco-Byzantine warkshop, gift o Roger II, c. 1150).

Paum Sunday is the first day o Haly Week in the Christian calender. It is the Sunday afore Easter an merks the day that Jesus cam tae Jerusalem for his last week on the yird.

(Aw Biblical quotes in this airticle haes been taen frae W.L Lorimer's translate)

Paum Sunday in the Bible

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Aw fower Gospels gies an acoont o Jesus' comin tae Jerusalem. In essence, as he cam tae Jerusalem at the hintend o his meesion darg, he felt it wis needfu tae gie some seembol o his Messianic ettle. He chuised tae come intae the ceety upo a cuddie, raither nor a horse for twa main raisons:

I) For tae evyte kythin as some kynd o warlaird (as conquerin warlaird wad ride warhorse; cuddies wis beasts o wark an peace, no battle).
II) For tae fit in wi the weirdin o the Auld Testament prophet Zechariah that said that the Messiah wad enter Jerusalem upo a cuddie.

Mark's Gospel gies the follaein acoont:

Whan they war comin naur Jerusalem, an hed gotten the lenth o Bethpagie an Bethanie an the Hill o Olives, Jesus sent twa o his disciples on an eerant: "Gae tae yon clachan owrebye. Richt at the in-gaun ye'll finnd a cowt tethert at nae man hes e'er ridden; lowse him an bring him here. Gin oniebodie speirs at yer , "What ar ye daein there?", tell him at the Maister's needin him an is tae send him back belyve...[the twa dae at he telt thaim]...they brocht the cowt tae Jesus an laid their coats on its back, an he muntit it. Monie o the fowk spreidit their coats on the road, an ithirs strawed it wi the ryss they hed cuttit i the fíelds; an afore him an ahent him, as he gaed alang, they war aa cryin, "Hosanna! Blissins on him at comes i the name o the Lord! Blissins on the comin Kíngdom o our Faither Dauvit! Hosanna i the heicht o heiven!

(Mark 11: 1-10)

Paum Sunday in Modren Christian Wirship

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As the stairt o the Haly Week, maist kirks uises the Paum Sunday service tae set oot the themes o the Week leadin up tae Easter, an for ordinar sets oot the chynge in the fortuins o Jesus: the Messianic anteecipation o the thrang Paum Sunday (the sae cried "Treeumphal Entry"); the confrontations wi the authorities; the reestin; the thrang turnin agin him - aw leadin up tae the crucifeexion an resurrection. The focus on Paum Sunday tends tae be on the popularity an the anteecipation o Jesus bringin in the Messianic Kinrick, an wi focus in hou Jesus' ideas o the Kinrick differed frae the ideas o the fowk.

As an illustration o the Entry, kirks is aften decorate wi paum leafs (or in kintras whaur palm tress disna growe, paper leafs is aften substitute) on the waws, pillars an fluirs.

Fremmit Airtins

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