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The Monanday is the day o the week atween Sunday an Tysday. Its name comes fae Mona, the Saxon god o the muin.

Monanday is whiles thocht on as the first day o the week. This is hou it is in the maist o Europe an Sooth Americae. In Asie, monie leids refers tae Monanday as "day ane". For example, Monanday is "xingqi yi" in Chinese, literallie meanin day ane o the week. The warldwide staundart ISO 8601 defines Monanday as the first day o the week an aw.

In ither pairts o the warld, Monanday is the seicont day. This is the tradeetional view in the Unitit States. The name for the day in Arabic, Armenian, Georgian, Greek, Hebrew an Portuguese is "seicont day". Quakers tradeetionally cries Monanday the "Second Day" an aw, eschewin the "heathen" oreegin o the Scots name "Monanday".

Modren culture for ordinar leuks at Monanday as the beginnin o the warkweek, as it is for ordinar Monanday whan adults gaes back tae thair wark an bairns gaes back tae the schuil efter the weekend. This, for aa that, is wi exception; in Middle Eastren kintras the stairt o the warkweek is for ordinar Setturday (Fuirsday an Friday is leukit on as the weekend).

Monandays is attributed tae the colloquial "illness" Monandayitis. (Forby kent as haein a case o "The Monandays") an aw. A possible raison for Monandayitis is that human circadian rhythms isna compatible wi the ordinar 35 tae 40-oor warkin week.

In the popular rime, "Monanday's bairn is fair o face".